“Loved Mr. Ruins.” Robert Ferrigno

“A mind-twisting thriller.” Christine Hooker

“Inception meets House of Leaves.” Marshall Anderson



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Mr. Ruins
King Ruin
God of Ruin
In an apocalyptic world destroyed by global tsunamis, ex-marine Ritry Goligh must fight with the sadistic mass-murderer Mr. Ruins to keep his soul.

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Ritry Goligh is hunted again, this time by the psychotic King Ruin, who longs to feast on the souls of billions.

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Ex-marine Ritry faces his deadliest enemy yet, a god-like power that knows the Bridge between souls better than any, and longs to destroy it forever.

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Ignifer’s Rise
In a brutal city splintered by caste, a condemned boy called Sen must confront the fate written in his scars and unite the castes in rebellion, before the apocalypse dawns.

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Bells of Subsidence
Bone Diamond
Into the Ruins
9 prescient science fiction stories that tell of an intergalactic Bell-ship civilization, a giant robot who lost his arm, and a dark cure for global warming.

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9 bizarre fantasy and horror stories that tell of diamonds grown in living bone, the god of the mud, and a world where East can die.

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Abandoned theme parks, lost mountain ghost towns, deserted relics of WWII- they’re all in this unique and adventure-filled travelogue of a serial ruins explorer.
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mjg1Michael John Grist is a British author and ruins photographer who lives in London, UK. He writes dark and weird science fiction and fantasy books, such as the fantasy novel Ignifer’s Rise and the SF series The Ruins Sonata.

For 11 years he lived in Tokyo exploring Japan’s modern ruins, such as abandoned theme parks, military bases, and ghost towns, gaining millions of hits on this website with his photographs and stories.

The best of these adventures are now collected in his unique travel book Into the Ruins, which thriller bestseller Barry Eisler calls, “gorgeous, haunting, stunning.”

Now Michael enjoys working out in the gym, watching TV and movies, and of course writing stories and novels. He lives in London with his wife, and works as an academic English lecturer at university.




You can contact Michael about use of photos, potential advertising offers, and most anything else by emailing michaeljohngrist @ (after removing the spaces)

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