New Release – Mr. Ruins at 99 cents!

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My brand new science fiction techno-thriller Mr. Ruins is out on amazon, and on sale for just 99 cents/pence internationally until August 20th (after which it goes back up to $4.99). So if you want to buy, I suggest you buy now! Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Ca Amazon Au Already it has 10 reviews, with a 4.6 average rating. Get in on this great deal now.   “Mr. Ruins is a heart-stopping, high-octane SF technothriller.” “Gorgeously drawn ruins blend with an utterly unique story.” In the tsunami-drenched dregs of a sprawling future-ruin, ex-skirmisher Ritry Goligh must learn to fight …

Mr. Ruin – The Ruin War 1

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Mr. Ruin is a Hard SF thriller, Book 1 in the Ruin War trilogy. Your mind is the battlefield. In the war that devastated the world, ex-marine Ritry was a ‘Graysmith’ – an elite interrogator who dived deep into the hellish fires of enemy minds. His efforts made him a hero, saving countless lives, but also scarred his sanity and lost him everyone he ever loved. Now Ritry sees a chance at redemption. A shadowy figure known only as Mr. Ruin offers him an awesome power – the ability to dive not just into minds, but into the fabric underlying …

Ignifer’s Rise

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Ignifer’s Rise is an epic fantasy novel set in a bleak industrial world populated by bizarre castes, where a boy with the fate of the world written in his scars must raise a legendary hero to life, and prevent the rise of an apocalypse god.

Into the Ruins – Adventures in Abandoned Japan

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Ruins of the Rising Sun – Adventures in Abandoned Japan is a hybrid Japan travelogue/ photo-book written by author / photographer Michael John Grist, crammed with explorations of abandoned ruins. Best-selling thriller writer Barry Eisler has said- “Gorgeous, haunting, stunning memento mori photos… fascinating text commentary… I guarantee you will start fantasizing about exploring haikyo yourself.” It’s currently available as an e-book through Amazon: – Amazon US – Amazon UK Story: For five years writer and photographer Michael John Grist explored over 100 of the most beautiful and haunting modern ruins in Japan (called ‘haikyo’), from abandoned theme parks and …

Death of East – 9 Weird Tales

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Death of East is a collection of 9 weird tales that strain against the borders of reality, filled with sky-painting giants, gods of the mud, and a world where the direction East can die. Readers have called it- “magical … poetic … out-of-the-box … a little gem.“ It’s currently available as an e-book through Amazon: – Amazon US – Amazon UK – Goodreads Story: The direction East is dead. When the direction East, a giant living atop an island at the far Eastern ‘pole’, is murdered, the Empire falls into disarray. The compass can no longer be trusted, and trade …

Cullsman #9 – 9 Science Fiction Stories

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Cullsman #9 is a collection of 9 science fiction stories that chart the untamed outer fringe of existence, filled with ruined intergalactic civilizations, lonely globe-roaming robots, and a memetic virus that could destroy all things.   Readers have called it- “Intriguing … atmospheric … other-worldly … excellent.” It’s currently available as an e-book through Amazon: – Amazon US – Amazon UK – Goodreads Story: Would you kill a world to save your family? In the depths of space, the cannibal planet the Host hunts. With its own resources depleted, it ‘hooks’ other living worlds through an immensely complex process called …

Cullsman #9 @ Andromeda Spaceways

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The Cull needs you. My story Cullsman #9 is now available to buy in Andromeda Spaceways semi-pro zine, in edition 55, here. I first wrote Cullsman some 5 years ago, inspired by an idea I had 10 years ago, of a galactic hunter-gatherer ‘snail’ civilization that trawls across the universe dragging its own Dyson sphere with it, stopping to harvest planets along the way. Awesome? I always thought so, but I couldn’t make the story kick the way I really wanted to- it was all idea and no forward momentum. Then a year ago I dusted it off, completely rewrote …

The Tonsor’s Son @ Podcastle

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I knew from the moment I saw him that his beard was full of evil. My story The Tonsor’s Son is now up on the PodCastle website- an awesome semi-pro zine that makes audio recordings of short stories. The rendering they’ve given to my story- which begins as above, about beards full of evil, is fantastic. When I wrote that the bad guy had a voice like curds comfortably stuck deep in his throat, I never really imagined what it would sound like. Well, reader Steve Anderson obviously has, and the result is pretty amazing. But what is The Tonsor’s …

The Bells of Subsidence @ Clarkesworld

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My story The Bells of Subsidence is published this month in the professional magazine Clarkesworld. I really hope you’ll take the time to go read it- it’s one of my favorite stories and I’m so pleased Clarkesworld is giving it a wider audience. Read it here! It’s basically a Forrest Gump-ish love story across the massive sweep of super-string space. If you like it, I’d love it if you shared it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. I’d love it even more if you also subscribed to this site’s free feed by RSS or email, so you get story …

The Orphan Queen @ Ideomancer

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My story The Orphan Queen – which shows, slantwise, the terribleness of isolation and the terrible bravery it takes to conquer it – has been published this month on the semi-pro magazine Ideomancer. I’ve been striving to be published in Ideomancer for something like 8 years, so I’m totally psyched that I finally made it. How many stories have I submitted there over the years? What did Ideomancer have to say about them? Coniferous Bob – 2008 – “too much idiom, drowns out the rest” The Giant Robot and the Myna Bird – 2008 – “no but liked, however no …