Great review of ‘Ruins of the Rising Sun’
January 8, 2014 · Interviews / Reviews · Comment 

Here’s a really great review of my new haikyo book, Ruins of the Rising Sun, on Seba Rashii culture zine. Thanks Seba Rashii! Quick quotes- “The stunning image of an abandoned, devoid-of-any-purpose roller coaster is a powerful metaphor for the…

Axiom Interview
March 3, 2011 · Interviews / Reviews · Comment 

I recently did an interview with Axiom magazine about my haikyo photography and fiction writing. Axiom is a print and web magazine focused on Japanese entertainment, gaming, and culture, run by Adam Miller and Jimi Okelana. I chatted with Jimi…

The Boltonian
February 16, 2011 · Interviews / Reviews · 2 Comments 

About a year ago my old school in Bolton got in touch with me about writing something for the alumni school newsletter. I think they had seen the review of this site in the Guardian newspaper, and figured something on…

Weekender Interview and Cover

A few months back Elisabeth Lambert of the Tokyo Weekender (one of several free English magazines available in Tokyo) got in touch with me about haikyo. She was doing research for an article, and we went back and forth with…

Kindred Spirit Interview- The Spirituality of Ruins

I’ve mentioned my sister Alice on this site before– when she got her book ‘The High-Heeled Guide to Enlightenment‘ published. She spent a year of her life experimenting with various forms of spirituality- going to shamans, doing sweat lodges, having…


The guys on diggnation from Revision 3 covered my asylum top 10 ghost town article on their most recent show. This is awesome. I don`t customarily watch the show- I`ve got Scott to thank for the notification- but am well…

The Guardian reviews this site

About an hour ago the Guardian newspaper put a review of this site online.


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