God of Ruin: a thriller (#3 Ruins Sonata)
October 30, 2014 · Books, Overview · Comment 

God of Ruin is a techno-thriller science fiction novel set in a sprawling future-ruin, sequel to Mr. Ruins and King Ruin. Ex-Arctic marine Ritry Goligh has torn his soul into six pieces, embodied in 6 rugged marines scattered across the…

story craft #19 Weight in a Name
October 22, 2014 · Blog, Story Craft · Comment 

You’ve probably heard of the callback, a technique comedians use to get fresh mileage out of an old joke, often with exponentially uproarious results. Here’s a callback in Seinfeld: Seinfeld did these a lot, in this case it was a…

King Ruin: a thriller (#2 Ruins Sonata)
October 3, 2014 · Books, Overview · Comment 

King Ruin is an action-thriller science fiction novel set in a sprawling future-ruin, sequel to Mr. Ruins. Ex-Arctic marine Ritry Goligh must become master of his own mind, while 5 lost marines venture deep into a tsunami-drenched Sunken World, before…

Mr. Ruins: Chapter 1
September 26, 2014 · Books, Excerpt · Comment 

This is chapter 1, titled RITRY GOLIGH A, of my science-fiction thriller MR. RUINS, book 1 in the RUINS SONATA. Read more about it here. Her neurons are starting to burn. Her name is Mei-An, a sweet-looking meta-Asiat with black…

Adventures in Book Cover Design: Mr. Ruins
September 24, 2014 · Books · 2 Comments 

If you follow this blog, you’ll see I’ve been pushing my latest book, Mr. Ruins- which had a cover I poured all my ideas into, but people thought looked like a bunch of worms sitting on an eyeball. :(. It…

New Release – Mr. Ruins at 99 cents!
August 12, 2014 · Books · Comment 

My brand new science fiction techno-thriller Mr. Ruins is out on amazon, and on sale for just 99 cents/pence internationally until August 20th (after which it goes back up to $4.99). So if you want to buy, I suggest you…

Mr. Ruins: a thriller (#1 Ruins Sonata)
July 13, 2014 · Books, Overview · Comment 

Mr. Ruins is an action-thriller science fiction novel set in a sprawling future-ruin. Ex-skirmisher Ritry Goligh must learn to fight through the bonds of the mind’s Molten Core, while 7 lost marines venture deep into the heart of consciousness, before…

Ignifer’s Rise
February 11, 2014 · Books, Overview · 1 Comment 

Ignifer’s Rise is an epic fantasy novel set in a bleak industrial world populated by bizarre castes, where a boy with the fate of the world written in his scars must raise a legendary hero to life, and prevent the rise of an apocalypse god.

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