The Last
April 15, 2015 · Books, Writing · Comment 

The Last is a zombie apocalypse story with a twist: only one man survives. Robinson Crusoe battles the zombie apocalypse. When the zombie apocalypse hits America, not a soul is left alive. Except Amo. He’s a comic book artist. He’s…

Ignifer Tales
February 1, 2015 · Books, Overview · Comment 

Ignifer Tales is a collection of 7 epic fantasy short stories set in the world of Ignifer’s Mons, exploring life and death in the city at the center of the world, from battles over Damask in the Boomfire to the…

Ignifer’s War
January 1, 2015 · Books, Overview · Comment 

Ignifer’s War is an epic fantasy novel set in a bleak industrial world populated by bizarre castes, where a young man with the fate of the world written in his scars must raise a long-dead legendary army to rescue his…

Ignifer’s Rise – chapter 1
January 1, 2015 · Books, Excerpt, Writing · Comment 

ARADABAR LOST Avia fled through the ash-smothered streets of Aradabar, and the Rot’s fiery black tongue swept close behind. Moths and Butterflies thudded to ground around her, bursting on cobbled stone, their broad wings seared away by the Rot’s ashen…

God of Ruin: a thriller (#3 Ruins Sonata)
October 30, 2014 · Books, Overview · Comment 

God of Ruin is a techno-thriller science fiction novel set in a sprawling future-ruin, sequel to Mr. Ruins and King Ruin. Ex-Arctic marine Ritry Goligh has torn his soul into six pieces, embodied in 6 rugged marines scattered across the…

story craft #19 Weight in a Name
October 22, 2014 · Blog, Story Craft · Comment 

You’ve probably heard of the callback, a technique comedians use to get fresh mileage out of an old joke, often with exponentially uproarious results. Here’s a callback in Seinfeld: Seinfeld did these a lot, in this case it was a…

King Ruin: a thriller (#2 Ruins Sonata)
October 3, 2014 · Books, Overview · Comment 

King Ruin is an action-thriller science fiction novel set in a sprawling future-ruin, sequel to Mr. Ruins. Ex-Arctic marine Ritry Goligh must become master of his own mind, while 5 lost marines venture deep into a tsunami-drenched Sunken World, before…

Mr. Ruins: Chapter 1
September 26, 2014 · Books, Excerpt · Comment 

This is chapter 1, titled RITRY GOLIGH A, of my science-fiction thriller MR. RUINS, book 1 in the RUINS SONATA. Read more about it here. Her neurons are starting to burn. Her name is Mei-An, a sweet-looking meta-Asiat with black…

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