Saint Ignifer’s Rise
February 11, 2014 · Books · Comment 

Saint Ignifer’s Rise is a young adult fantasy novel set in a bleak industrial world populated by bizarre castes, where a boy with the fate of the world written in his scars must raise a legendary hero to life, and…

Ruins of the Rising Sun – Adventures in Abandoned Japan
December 31, 2013 · Books · Comment 

Ruins of the Rising Sun – Adventures in Abandoned Japan is a hybrid Japan travelogue/ photo-book written by author / photographer Michael John Grist, crammed with explorations of abandoned ruins. Readers have called it- “Awesome … stunning … unique ……

China Mieville’s Teapot Brain
November 20, 2013 · Story Craft · Comment 

I have figured out how China Mieville writes. I did this by watching several interviews he was in, and noticing one thing- China Mieville uses the word ‘steep’ quite a lot. In this video interview he used it, and in…

Bone Diamond – 9 Weird Stories
October 13, 2013 · Books · 2 Comments 

Bone Diamond is a collection of 9 weird and surreal stories written by Michael John Grist, filled with sky-painting giants, gods of the mud, and a world where the direction East can die. Readers have called it- “magical … poetic…

The Bells of Subsidence – 9 Science Fiction Stories
August 28, 2013 · Books · 6 Comments 

The Bells of Subsidence is a collection of 9 science fiction stories written by Michael John Grist, filled with ruined intergalactic civilizations, lonely robots, and AI that has to die. Readers have called it- “Intriguing … atmospheric … other-worldly ……

Why Iron Man 3 had a soft-boiled spine

I enjoyed Iron Man 3. Probably you did too. It broke all kinds of records, already made over $1 billion worldwide, and is currently sitting at number 5 in the top 5 highest grossing movies ever (behind Avatar, Titanic, Avengers,…

Why ‘Cloud Atlas’ is no ‘Magnolia’

Cloud Atlas is not a normal movie. It’s epic, glorious, ambitious, complex, etc, but as you’ll have surely heard from other reviews, it’s not a normal movie at all. Rather, it’s a kind of sprawling poem, in film, that ruminates…

Cullsman #9 @ Andromeda Spaceways
December 15, 2012 · Books, Writing · Comment 

The Cull needs you. My story Cullsman #9 is now available to buy in Andromeda Spaceways semi-pro zine, in edition 55, here. I first wrote Cullsman some 5 years ago, inspired by an idea I had 10 years ago, of…

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