Boyou Hotel Haikyo- Demolished

MJG Chiba 3 Comments

A few weeks back I took the bus down to the bottom of the Chiba Boso Peninsula in search of the Boyou Hotel. I got to take the sub-Tokyo Bay Aqualine for the first time, which was cool, but I felt too ill to enjoy being on the Umi Hotaru.

The sadness of Namegawa Island

MJG Chiba, Haikyo, Theme Parks 33 Comments

Namegawa Island is a big failed bird theme park, one that up until fairly recently held its own against the twin Disneys standing astride the Chiba peninsula, past which any bird-aficionados would have to run the gauntlet to reach it. It sits perched on a precarious jag of forested coastline, completely blockaded from the mainland by a wide swath of …

Terrifying tales of the Yui love hotel

MJG Chiba, Haikyo, Sex Industry 6 Comments

The Yui Grand Love Hotel is an abandonment with a more sordid past than usual, if urban legend is to be believed. According to the story, a gang of bosozoku riders (noisy yakuza-ish motorcyclists) kidnapped a schoolgirl into one of its rooms, where they abused and killed her. I’ve no idea if that is true, but stories of her haunting …