Red Dead Redemption 2 Review – I feel guilty when I don’t play…

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Red Dead Redemption 2 has sucked me in. I’m a recent re-convert to console gaming. In my 20s I had an X-box and played Halo and Rock Band (see this post here for rocking-out awesomeness and me with hair) with friends round at my house with pizza and beers. Then I entered my 30s, coupled up, and the gaming largely stopped. A year ago I bought an X-Box wanting to play The Last of Us, the zombie epic. I played a little, but struggled with the 1st person controls and couldn’t kill the zombies. I also bought The Witcher, but I struggled with that even more. A year passed, and Su suggested we buy Overcooked, a great fun little cooperative …

Office lunch chit-chat

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Today I felt a bit giddy and chatted to my co-workers at lunch instead of buzzing off to the library to do some writing. Topics covered included: K (redacted) the opera singer talking about not liking any musicals except maybe Meet Me At St. Louis (which I don’t like) A who’s studying for a PhD decrying the Harry Potter phenomenon as only for kids (and me pushing back HARD with reference to Alice in Wonderland being for kids but beloved by adults) D telling me about the lemon drizzle cake he made for his kid, because I’m interested in baking cakes after watching so much Great British Bake-Off M saying we’d be better off buying the cake in a shop, …

Cat queue

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We lock the boys (our cats) in a little after it gets dark, and they’re still adjusting to this as darkfall has gotten earlier. Especially as it’s colder, they tend to lounge around all day in the house, then want to go out at night. This is what that looks like. Very patient.

Writing Update 2 – Thriller book 2

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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been a little jammed up around the 50,000 word mark on my thriller book 2. I’d write a chapter or two forward, then go back and wonder if it was the right move or not. Go back 3 or 4 chapters and reconsider. A major character dies. It’s a big blow, and takes some real thinking to know if I’m set on it. Now that jam is cleared. We just spent 10,000 words on a plane. I find in writing these thrillers that there’s a lot of time spent in transit. The transit time is a great time to catch up on what’s happening in other plot threads, check in with HQ and see …

Lincoln cat follows

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Lincoln cat always follows us into the park. It’s the cutest thing – he wants to see where we’re going, he just wants to be with us – but it’s also a big worry because dogs roam with their leashes off in the park. He’s been chased and almost bitten before. This time dogs were approachng and he was just sitting there looking the other way. I picked him up and walked hm out, but he jumped free when a little dog came running, and hid under a van. Cute, but a worry.