Unimpressed by the muddle of Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 1: The Red Lady – Review

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The opening shot of the Game of Thrones season 6 premiere was excellent. It showed the Wall and Castle Black from a perspective we’ve never seen before- looking back to the sun setting over a southern tree-lined horizon, to the exact promised land the ice zombies and White Walkers are so into. And Jon Snow! He was there too, like another piece of the tatty furniture, lying pitifully, palely, lank as melted then refrozen butter, in a puddley goop of blood (and guts?). Defiantly dead. This is good, I thought- this is what I want. Is he coming back to …

Sleepy cats

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Here’s a couple of sleepy cat photos. This is Lincoln. He’s a total player, when not asleep. If he had his equipment still he’d be a threat to all the girl cats on the block 😉 This is Churchill- decidedly not a player. He is very sweet, scared to go outside, and would be a poet in another life. He’s definitely a one-woman man.

3-book promotion

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This evening I set up a three book (I should say ‘product’) promotion- The Last free, The Loss (book 4) free, and the box set books 1-3 99cents, starting on April 18-22. It took two hours to get it all done, and in total if all promotion sites accept me, it’ll cost $510. It looks like a lot. It is a lot. But the last time I did this I spent $630 and ultimately got more than double that back. Plus- Mark Dawson, King of book facebook ads, spends about $20,000 a month on advertising, and gets more than that …

Gardening before/after

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Yesterday we spent much of the day gardening, and came up with this transformation: Before After Perhaps you can’t tell what the difference is? I’ll get better before/after pictures next time. I smoothed out all the beds. On the left the bed grew annoyingly narrow- like a fat person with very skinny legs- so I had to widen it with a curvy flourish. The right hand side got curvier too, the bench was moved, and the heap of trash at the bottom got moved. Also I hoisted 4 bags of grit and gravel that were left by the previous owner …

Why I write.

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Every time I finish writing a book and take a few weeks off, I start thinking about how ‘thin’ life is. I check my ads and my book sales more. I eagerly await feedback from ARC readers. I read more political news than usual, until I get sick of it, and start casting around for other things to do. I do the cover and editing. I update my website and marketing. I play Civ 4. I check in with family and friends, until everyone I know is accounted for. I watch everything I want to watch, read everything I want …

Facebook ad results for The Last, The Lost, The Least box set

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For the past week I’ve been experimenting with Facebook advertising to push my box set, books 1-3 of the Zombie Ocean: The Last, The Lost, The Least. http://www.amazon.com/Last-Lost-Least-Box-Books-ebook/dp/B01CDK32PO It’s not my first time to run facebook ads, but my first time to make some effort. On previous occasions I didn’t design the ad image or pay much attention to the ad copy. It failed. It seems to have failed this time too :(. Despite this lovely ad I made: You can’t have much text on Facebook ads, though book covers are exempt. There is text allowed around it, and I …

7 reasons why The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was a disappointment – review

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I hate to be disappointed by The Walking Dead, especially with a finale, especially with the finale to such a generally awesome season as season 6. I hate to think it failed, it sucked, it just didn’t follow through on the promise of its dramatic situation, but with this finale, that’s a large part of what I’m thinking. There’s 7 reasons for this failure/disappointment, but they all really boil down to one, which I can express in one word: Negan. Negan, boss of the Saviors and dark shadow hanging over Rick’s neck, has been hinted at since the end of …

The Loss – Zombie Ocean 4

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The Loss is Book 4 in the thrilling Zombie Ocean series. 7 billion zombies. 1 mayor. Ten years after the zombie apocalypse destroyed civilization, ‘Last Mayor of America’ Amo faces the loss of everything he’s built. He wants to be a good man. He wants to save his people. But what is good, and who are his people any more? He will save or break the world. The zombie apocalypse like you’ve never seen it before, packed with gore, twists and severe moral hazard.   The Loss, Book 4 of the Zombie Ocean, is available in e-book format for $3.99: …