Movie option!!

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Today I signed a movie option for my zombie book The Last! It is not big money at this stage, but the potential is there. I’m excited. Its a contract we’ve been negotiating for a few months now. I’ve learned a thing or two about movie option contracts in the process. I had legal advice from the Society of Authors after becoming an associate member which was very enlightening. Now it is done, and The Last is in the producers’ hands. They say the vast majority of optioned novels/screenplays never make it to the screen. Fingers crossed The Last will be one of the few that do ;).

Origami light

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Our house settling-in has reached a new and advanced phase. We are almost wholly out of the ‘first-fix’ stage, where we didn’t have a working shower, boiler timer, downstairs toilet, internet, phone, front lights, front door lock or side gate lock. The side-gate lock still needs to be replaced, and the internet is still spotty, but the rest are all in. We are over half of the way through the DIY stage, with dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen and most of the kitchen floor stripped, sugar-soaped and painted. All that remains is the kitchen floor to be blue-d, the second bedroom to be blue-d, and the hallway to be creamed. We are almost wholly done with the furnishing stage. …

Why Tom Hardy’s Legend is basically a true story.

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Numerous critics have been slating Tom Hardy’s movie ‘Legend’, about the notorious gangsters Ron and Reggie Kray, on the grounds that it misrepresents history, glamorizes and Americanizes violence and the gangster life, and generally does a poor job of showing the REAL Krays and the REAL social cost of their bloody trail of terror splattered from London’s East End to Soho. But they’re wrong to attack it for that, and I’ll tell you why. ‘Legend’ is a taut action gangster story, full of threat, charm, massive amounts of cocksure grinning, and of course sudden, bloody violence. Yeah, that’s what we watch these kinds of movies for. Tom Hardy plays both Ron (not such a psychopath) and Reggie (criminally insane) in …

We went to church!

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Today we went to church. That is not an earth-shattering admission for most people to make, neither is it for me, though from my point of view it is a really foreign and alien-feeling thing to do. My Dad was a Church of England vicar when I was a kid, up until I was perhaps 8, so I’m thinking I must have gone to church a lot then. But around the time I was 8 he and my mom split up, at which point my Dad switched faiths to Wicca or witchcraft, became high priest of a coven, and I pretty much hardly remember going to church again. I know that we did, at my new primary school which was …

Was the UK always like this?

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I’ve been back in the UK a year now- my longest continuous period in the country of my birth since 2003 when I left for Japan- and many times up til now, with a double whammy today, I’ve been hit with the feeling that- ‘this is not the country I remember.’ Lots of things could potentially explain this. First I’ll explain what the double whammy was. We went to nearby Romford to go to the cinema, a little town on the edge of East London (If I say I live in London someone invariably says- “Mate, that is Essex, ha ha,” and if I say I live in Essex, someone says- “Ha ha, mate that’s London!” It’s no bother either …