King Ruin – Ruins War 2

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ruins-3052King Ruin is an action-thriller science fiction novel set in a sprawling future-ruin, sequel to Mr. Ruins.

Ex-Arctic marine Ritry Goligh must become master of his own mind, while 5 lost marines venture deep into a tsunami-drenched Sunken World, before the tyrannical King Ruins can steal the souls of billions.

Readers have said:

“The twists & drama of this roller coaster ride are wild from the start.” – Bethany.

It is book #2 in the Ruins War trilogy, available in e-book and print formats on Amazon:

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Book #1 Mr. Ruins

Book #3 God of Ruin


Standing in the ashes of his final battle with Mr. Ruins, at the edge of the floating slums, ex-Arctic marine Ritry Goligh thinks his long nightmare is finally over. His family are safe, his soul is his own, and at last he can go home.

Then comes an explosion that makes no sound, but blows all his thoughts to shreds. In an instant Ritry is prey again, hunted by a power so vast he can’t even comprehend it. This is King Ruin, and before him all Rit can do is run, so far and so fast he starts to forget who and what he is.

Soon half his mind is gone, the King is closing in, and the souls of billions are at stake. Because King Ruin wants the Bridge, a direct path into the minds of every living thing, and only the lost and broken Ritry Goligh stands in his way.

About the author:

Michael John Grist is a British writer and ruins photographer who lives in London. He writes dark, surreal fiction in both fantasy and sci-fi genres.


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