Ruins of the USAF base Camp Drake in Japan

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Camp Drake was a joint US Army/Air Force base in Saitama, active until the 1970`s. It contained a hospital which handled troops coming out of Vietnam and also a communications array. Now about half of it remains, an overgrown jungle with only a few remaining buildings set back behind several layers of fencing. The other half has been eaten up by parks and a junior high school.

Tanks in a shed by the commissary.

Camp Drake was one of my last haikyo to explore with Mike before he left for Canada last month. Compared to other US bases around Tokyo- those in Fuchu and Tachikawa, there wasn`t a lot to see, though of course we couldn`t know that until we ventured in. Access seemed harder than either of the other bases, but as ever there were weak spots. Once in though we had to climb one more fence, and actually crawl through a tiny hole cut into a third fence to get close to a building.

I don`t know why security was so tight, as there was very little to see. The main building remaining seems to have been a mess hall / commissary, and its now flooded, so we couldn`t explore inside. There were chairs and desks lying around in the jungle.

Mike got a bit bored/wary and decided to high-tail it, so I ventured forth and looked into one more building, kind of an industrial room- probably gas and/or hot water heaters. I know now there was another building deeper in with more industrial stuff, but we were on a schedule (headed for the Gan Kutsu cliff face hotel) so I didn`t take the time.

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One man`s experience of it.

Guardpost after the second fence, before the third.

Guardhouse int.

Defunct moped.

Expired desk.

Do Not Enter – vault-like entrance to the mess hall / commissary.

Interior of what I think is commissary (because of COMM on the wall, yes- please correct me if wrong).

Some big troughs.


Lonely forest chair.

Back entrance.


Warehouse space.

Big forest flue.

Hole we crawled through.

Machine shed.

Tanks that remind me of Anakin`s racing pod.

Some HDR-ed engine.

Tanks BW.

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  1. David I was in the 1967 comm sq and worked in the little pentagon from April 1970 to May of 1972.i worked in radio relay along with Microwave and Tech Control sections. The hospital was at North Camp drake and the radio station FEN was located at South Drake. If you were a listener, the main station ID was… “broadcasting from the heart of the world’s largest city, you’re listening to FEN the fa r east network, eight ten on your dail , Tokyo!” played some damn great music too.

    1. Danny, I was at camp drake 1968 till 1972 at UPS in the Switching center my name is Tim Burke. Lived at Grant Heights. Loved it there. Give me a reply at tjaburke48@yahoo. com

  2. I was a medic at the 249th from june 1968 to jan 1970; had a great time in Japan while not working at the hospital……..

  3. I was at Camp Drake from 1966-1969 in Communications (ASA). I believe the bunker picture is the commo bunker. Though it has been along time, might be wrong. Good memories and friends.
    Joe Woods 72B20, Trick C

    1. JOE
      I was also at Drake from July 66-68 72B Comm center C trick SFC Stinson great duty do you remember
      Bob Marlow, Michael Martinson, Steve Wagner Bob Dearly
      Hope all is well

  4. I was stationed at the Owada RTTY receiver site that was collocated with US Army Dog company of the Signal unit located at Camp Drake. I was there from Oct, 1953-Oct, 1955. I maintained the Microwave repeater at Owada. There were about 28 AF and around 90 Army.
    Charles Spada

  5. I was in Camp Drake from 1968 to 1970. Radio-relay repairman. Slept in the old barracks, during seismic the bunk beds danced across the room.

  6. I was stationed at Camp Drake from about June of 1955 until August 1957. I was billeted with Hq & Hq Btry. First with the IX Corps Artillery then with 1st Cav. Div. Arty. I was in the IX Corps and then the 1st Cav Div Artillery Drum and Bugle Corps. To be terribly honest, I couldn’t recognize any thing of the photos except the possibility of the old guard shack.

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