Hotel Queen Haikyo

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The Hotel Queen is another abandoned love hotel on the banks of Lake Tama. I first saw it the first time I went out there to shoot the Akasaka and the Red Blossom about 2 years ago. At the time it looked semi-abandoned, with a chain roping it off. I tentatively strode over the chain only to be blasted by …

Jethro’s Fall

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JETHRO’S FALL is a novel, the story of two polar opposite brothers in a post-apocalyptic city, striving to hang onto what humanity they have left while fighting Biotic racism, corporate lies, and the fallacy at the heart of it all. Jethro lives in a dystopic future city where the only choice for happiness and a baby mansion is to follow …

Outdoor Japan Haikyo – Sports World

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The March-April edition of Outdoor Japan was my second time to present a feature article on haikyo, including photographs. This time I focused on Sports World, my all-time favorite haikyo. They did a wonderful layout in spooky black with the photos given ample space to shine. In addition I had the chance to go through the copy of the whole …

Kindred Spirit Interview- The Spirituality of Ruins

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I’ve mentioned my sister Alice on this site before– when she got her book ‘The High-Heeled Guide to Enlightenment‘ published. She spent a year of her life experimenting with various forms of spirituality- going to shamans, doing sweat lodges, having reiki crystal therapy, being regressed through past lives, etc… It’s a fascinating read I’d recommend to anyone interested in that …

Sensouji Temple, Asakusa

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Ages ago now I went to Sensouji Temple for some reason, I can’t really remember. SY and I were doing a bit of Tokyo tourism I guess. I prepped these photos months ago but never got round to posting them, so here they are. If you like looking at shrines, you might enjoy these.

Calloway Blood

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My buddy Mike Lynch has been writing fiction for as long as me, with both of us completing a novel while we were in University. Both of us went down the dystopic city route, though in very different ways. My novel, Jethro`s Fall, was about a guy in a post-apocalypse walled city, who follows all the corporate rules for success …