Dave Hill’s ‘Girl on an Adventure’

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Dave Hill is one of the leading lights in HDR composite photography, layering multiple images together to recreate whatever he can imagine, to stunning and impresive effect. The ‘Dave Hill Effect’ is well-known in photography circles, a certain kind of washed-out, high contrast, stark imagery. Check out a few shots here, and go to his site to see the bulk of it. Girl on an Adventure

Tawnymoor – a poem

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by Michael John Grist. Make the feet for children’s shoes, Down the alley, back from hell, This whole town is made of iron Witnesses shall turn to steam Their Pockets filled with earth. • Grub the mantles, merrymen! Seize the steam and come to me, Here the zephyr rings on steel, the judge becomes a narwhal’s spike fill it with his blood. * Learn bankroll management and how to win slots at CasinoBonus.org!

Willow’s Cross

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By Mari Mitchell. My name is Willow. I do not look, or feel like a Willow.. Willows are statuesque; they should be graceful and ethereal. I resemble Mrs. Potato Head. I have an older stepbrother named Patrick. He does not look like a Patrick either, more like Jack Skellington only with more hair and flesh. Everyone knows that Patricks have red hair, freckles and should be short. I do not think our parents are very good at naming things.. We are five years apart in age and from different planets. I of course am from Earth and he is from …