We’re Only Trying to Help You
August 31, 2009 · Zine · Comment 

by A.K. Sykora. “Our children live in France,” plump Algernon volunteered. Snug at her faux-marble desk, the heavy-shouldered director studied him. “Have they been notified?” “Yes, I called the twins as soon as poor Mildred got certified.” “And you?” “I…

Programming Note
August 29, 2009 · Uncategorized · 8 Comments 

First off- Welcome to all new readers of this site! Secondly- Thanks to all old and continuing readers. Things have changed a fair bit round here, with a new design and a new emphasis on an old direction, with still…

The great machine hall of Taro mine
August 26, 2009 · Haikyo, Iwate, Mines / Factories · 18 Comments 

The Squinching of Ricky Shay
August 25, 2009 · Stories, Surreal · 4 Comments 

When the orders came down that all the gold was to be digested by the end of the day, Efren couldn’t believe his ears, despite their unusual and rather floppy size. “All the gold?” he asked his co-consumer Ricky Shay,…

The 1937 Chevy at Bodie ghost town
August 24, 2009 · Ghost Towns, USA, World Ruins · 12 Comments 

The mist-wreathed ruin of Matsuo mine
August 20, 2009 · Haikyo, Iwate, Mines / Factories · 16 Comments 

Matsuo mine in the north of Japan opened in 1914 and closed in 1969. In its heyday it was the biggest mine for sulfur in the Eastern world. It had a workforce of 4,000 and a wider population of 15,000,…

Stick Man
August 19, 2009 · Fantasy, Stories · 5 Comments 

Dray is slumped at the edge of his desk, doodling. It’s Saturday again. Another business studies class. 4 low level Japanese students talking about their companies in broken English. No matter what he does, it’s always boring. You’d think, you’re…

HDR photos from Stuck in Customs
August 18, 2009 · World Ruins · Comment 

small customs1

The submerged Sherman tank off Saipan

The Battle of Saipan was a battle of the Pacific campaign of World War II, fought on the island of Saipan in the Mariana Islands from 15 June 1944 to 9 July 1944. The invasion fleet embarking the expeditionary forces…

The chemical pools of Osarizawa mine
August 14, 2009 · Haikyo, Iwate, Mines / Factories · 24 Comments 

The Disgusting Crow
August 13, 2009 · Fantasy, Stories · Comment 

Tycho lay on top of his grassy hillock and waited for the disgusting crow to come for his eyes, feeling downright blue. His friends the tired old turtle and one-eared rabbit tried to pep him up, but it wasn’t taking….

Izu’s Shirahama Beach
August 12, 2009 · Guides, Japan · 2 Comments 

Going to Izu and digging holes on the beach is now a firm tradition with me. It started two years ago, when a motley group of frisbee friends and I packed up our rental cars and went to dig and…

Healing Villa Spa Resort
August 11, 2009 · Guides, Japan · Comment 

Last week one of my students told me about a great onsen/spa/resort he frequently visits, called Healing Villa, located somewhere in Chiba, with huge outdoor pools, a great big sauna, and an overall healing and chilled-out vibe. I’m all in…

The ash-flooded town of Chantai

The town of Chantai in Chile was buried by volcanic ash and muddy lava in May 2008, when the Chaitén volcano erupted for the first time in more than 9,000 years. The eruption threw up a plume of ash and…

Ruined Shimoda Grand
August 7, 2009 · Haikyo, Hotels / Resorts, Izu · 7 Comments 


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