The Blue Chipset and the Thing

MJG Science Fiction, Stories 2 Comments

I’m standing at the Way-station Hub. Everybody around me is dead. I’m holding the blue chipset in my hand and I’m willing it to work. Over my head the sky is swirling. It’s a purple vortex. I’m waiting for it all to end. Outside the Way-station the desert winds blow hard. There are scraggle-lined black creatures dancing in the sand-storms. They flit from shimmer to shade and I can never quite see them clearly. The Thing stomped here. The desert was leveled. Everybody died. The Way-station survived. And I, because I have the chipset, because I am what I am, …

Hello Kitty Mineral Water

MJG Food / Drink, Japan 4 Comments

Yum yum yum, who wouldn’t pay 400 yen for a sexy bottle of water? Wait, I forgot- a sexy/kawaii (cute!) bottle of Hello Kitty water? Boom, you’ve been suckered in, I knew it. All things cute and sexy, this way please: take off your cap, yes, ooh, be gentle, down the hatch, mmm, both sexy and kawaii in my stomach. Hello Kitty, you amaze me. Hello Kitty you amaze me!

Yoyogi Rockabillies

MJG Japan, Manga / Anime / Cosplay 19 Comments

Sunglasses, pomade, gravity-defying quiffs, leather jackets, black gloves, check. 50’s music, party atmosphere, gyrating hips and waggling bent knees, chicks in preppy floral dresses, crowding camera-toting tourists- BAM!- welcome to the Tokyo Rockabilly club- Yoyogi chapter. Showing his gang colors- black, leather.

Kaze no To and Umi Hotaru, Tokyo Bay

MJG Haikyo, Tokyo-to, Vaults 19 Comments

From the 25th floor lobby of the Dentsu HQ in Shiodome there’s an awesome view across Tokyo Bay, taking in Hamarikyu gardens, Odaiba, the Rainbow Bridge, and in the distance, fogged by pollution and heat distortion- a weird-looking dome-shaped structure out in the middle of nowhere. Weird dome, at 200mm zoom from the edge of Odaiba.